What we do best

Andrew, Mandy and James Bromley started the business in 1997 and have formed a small, dynamic team of engineers with a reputation for inventive, cost-effective electronic design.

We bring a fresh perspective and collaborative approach to our clients’ problems, finding ways to measure, control, display and analyse information that help them manage their businesses better.

Our technical expertise is complemented by a strong grasp of commercial and logistical considerations. Here are some of the areas we specialise in:

  • Pressure measurement and monitoring
  • Temperature control and monitoring
  • Microchip controllers
  • Power control
  • Embedded firmware
  • Low power radio
  • Battery power

The process

We design, test and oversee product supply and working with our Partners we maintain complete control of quality and costs and avoid unnecessary delays.

Our Products

Our expert designers have dedicated their energy and expertise to solving some specific engineering problems. Our market-leading TMS tire pressure monitor system and Celsia thermostat control ranges have proven themselves over a number of years and are highly regarded and welcomed by distributors and customers in their respective sectors.

We regularly tailor our core products to meet client-specific requirements.

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