TMS Keeps You Moving

Tire Monitor System (TMS) is a wireless direct tyre pressure gauge and monitoring system. Our experienced, creative engineers developed the first prototypes to address the need for an independent product for Off The Road (OTR) vehicles. Today TMS is capable of working in extreme temperatures and physical conditions and is used extensively across the mining, construction, tyre testing, earthmoving, container & cargo handling and transit sectors, around the world.

How it works

TMS sensors are mounted inside each individual tyre and temperature and pressure data is continuously transmitted to a receiver and display unit in the vehicle’s cab. This enables drivers and fleet managers to make sound operational judgements; for example a driver will know if a vehicle with a slow loss of pressure can complete a shift or reach a suitable location for maintenance.

TMS Manager is a PC program designed by our experts to enable you to configure the system, set alarm conditions and monitor results while TMS Log Graph generates visual reports of tyre performance data logs from all vehicles fitted with a TMS.

TMS = good tyre management = improved profitability

Tyres are expensive to buy and maintain so it’s critical they’re looked after. TMS offers immediate and complete visibility of tyre pressure data which in turn means you can:

  • Reduce tyre maintenance costs
  • Extend tyre life
  • Avoid accelerated wear
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Achieve optimum performance
  • Reduce down time

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TMS Operator Interface.

TMS Receiver.

TMS2 Sensor being patched to tyre side wall.