It sounds like a cliché but it is true, the people at A M Bromley are our most important asset. They have the innovative ideas for our exciting products and the knowledge and expertise to bring them to life. We each have a role to play in ensuring the smooth running of A M Bromley’s business and bringing our brands to market.


Andrew Bromley - Owner/Director

Andrew is responsible for the hardware design and development of products including management of compliance testing.


Mandy Bromley - Owner/Director

As well as a founding director, Mandy is an electronic engineer who ensures that customer requirements are met by supplying existing or new products.


James Bromley - Owner/Director

James is responsible for product software and systems development.

Operations Manager

Manages logistics and works with subcontract manufacturers to ensure the right products are being made within agreed timescales.

Production Engineer

Responsible for quality assurance, verifying subcontractors’ commitments and ensuring products are fully tested and ready for on-time delivery.

Development Engineer

Responsible for embedded firmware and PC based software.

Engineering Technician

Our Engineering Technician is the link between design and production, managing the process to bring a new product to become production ready.

Production Assistant

Monitors and finalises any product build prior to shipping.

Commercial & Production Assistant

With a close attention to detail, our Commercial & Production Assistant ensures the smooth integration of customer requirements through the business.